Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Housewife serves husband cooked condoms.Drive Hot News

A housewife and mother of three in Kole District prepared for her husband condoms as meal following repeated domestic fights.
The woman, a resident of Arao ‘A’ at Ogwang Acuma parish, Aboke Sub-county in Kole district, is reported to have bought three packets of trust condoms from a nearby shop, cooked them and served to her husband Okello Ocekilec as a meal after he returned home drunk.
It is alleged that the woman, tore the unused condoms, cut them into pieces, put in a saucepan containing hot water and boiled for some time before frying them with cooking oil and other ingredients.
When her husband returned from drinking at the nearby Odede Trading Centre, he was served with the meal on separate plates, one containing condoms as sauce and the other with charcoal.
However, Mr Okello reportedly learnt of his wife’s hideous plot upon tasting the soup which seemed unusual.
The service was reportedly meant to teach Mr Okello a lesson. It was alleged that after drinking, Mr quarrels and sometimes fights his wife.
Mr Okello Caka, the Okarowok clan secretary, where Mr Okello belongs, confirmed the incident and said clan elders will meet to address the seemingly endless domestic wrangles between the two.
“The issue of serving our brother condoms as sauce has raised a lot of questions, as to why the woman could do such an abominable thing. Condoms are used for other purposes including having safe sex and not as food,” he said.
In an interview with Daily Monitor, the Amuru District Public health Officer Ms Juliet Akot said the chemicals that are used for making condoms are not fit for human consumption, adding that the rubber can affect the digestive system.
The director of North-eastern Media Peace Initiative Mr Williams Moi, said some men have failed to fulfil their family duties and responsibilities, among which includes failure to fulfil their wives’ sexual rights, thus fuelling domestic wrangles