Sunday, 5 October 2014

New Ways to Carry Your Phone.Drive Hot News

Most people won’t leave the house without a cellphone. Dudes throw it into their pockets. Women put it in their purses. But sometimes we ladies don’t want to carry a purse, or our outfit may be bereft of pockets, or maybe we’re wearing skinny jeans and we’re worried about the phone bending. What then? Fear not; purse-free cellphone holders are here. Take a look at these inventive accessories in the video above for the next time you want to take to the streets without a bag.
Purse and bootsUndoubtedly the most creative of our accessories is the new  Purse N' Boots Collection  from Elizabeth Anne shoes. Each pair of these boots has a hidden interior pocket that holds credit cards and a phone. I was pleasantly surprised while wearing them that I couldn’t even feel my iPhone 5 as it sat in the pocket. I walked, sat, and even squatted, but the well-made leather cavity that rested against the inside of my calf never chafed. It was also completely unnoticeable from the outside. These boots are genius — and, unfortunately, expensive. Some of them cost upward of $300, and they are so popular that many are on backorder.
It’s not a fanny-packThis next purse-free carrier is not, I repeat not, a fanny pack. These are leather belts that contain external carriers for a phone. They go by the names “festival belt," “steampunk pouchor “hip bag The fundamental difference between these carriers and fanny-packs is that they are a belt and fashion item first, with the added benefit of holding your cellphone. Not every outfit can handle one of these belts, but it’s a look that can make for a stylish way to travel light.
Thigh holster for your phoneA functional but naughty take on the cellphone carrier is the Porta pocket: It’s a thigh holster for your phone. Using neoprene and Velcro, it offers a bevy of options for strapping your phone to your body. The PortaPocket will work with some dresses, but you need to turn the pocket inward, and it can feel a little bulky at first. Also, to access that phone strapped to your thigh, you may have to hike up your dress — awkward. The arm and waist holsters are more functional but also more visible