Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Easy ways to get your home organised .Drive Hot News

If your can, have an analogue clock in each room, and preferably those with alarm features. FOTOSEARCH
 If your can, have an analogue clock in each room, and preferably those with alarm features. FOTOSEARC.

In this chaotic world of hour-long traffic jams, demanding work schedules and lifestyles involving juggling and more juggling, it is getting even harder to get things done, and on time.
Often, we find ourselves overwhelmed by bills, deadlines and several commitments.
To make it all work demands not just will power, but some organisational effort as well. Not just outside your living space, no.
Actually, organisation, like charity, should begin at home. Here are a few items that will go a long way in making your home organised.
Analogue clocks
If your can, have one in each room, and preferably those with alarm features. That way you and your family always have a visual on what time it is, and you can time yourself when involved in a particular activity.
To beat the morning rush, you can, for instance, time yourself in the shower to make sure that you don’t waste precious time. Also, place a large wall clock at a focal point of the home; it goes a long way in reminding everyone what time it is, and that helps in improving time management in a household.
Push it
A good tea trolley will be a good helper when you cook and host guests. Fore regular use, place the condiments you use and your cooking cutlery on the top section of the trolley. Place a hook or a chrome rail on the side of the trolley to hang a towel and your oven mitts.
The tea trolley is a hosting companion like no other; it creates extra space in the dining area as it can be used to serve desserts, tea and drinks as the dining table is used to serve the other courses.
It also makes the moving of crockery, serving dishes and cutlery much easier as there is no need to lift them to the serving area.
The beauty about a trolley is that you can use it where you want to move the entertainment to space outside, say like your balcony or garden.
Peg board
Pegboards are so versatile and so simple to use that it is a shame that many homeowners think they can only be used in retail spaces.
In your bedroom, you can put a coloured pegboard and frame it in white or dark picture frames (depending on the rest of your bedroom decor) and place some simple metal hooks on it for hanging your jewellery.
Baskets and even more baskets
Have one in every room; whatever size, colour and material you choose is all up to you.
In the kitchen, it can be used to store vegetables or to place recyclable materials. In the living room, a basket can be used for a quick tidying up to store the things that don’t really belong there like toys, a book, blankets, etc.
In your bathroom, it can be used to store towels or even bathing supplies like soap and loofahs. In your bedrooms, baskets can be used to create some extra storage space in wardrobes for smaller sized items like underwear and socks.
Like a teacherPaint one of your entry walls with chalkboard paint and use it a central place to write your things-to- do list, important dates and even better, the things you have run out of in the house that you need to buy.
Be magnetic
Magnets don’t just have to be used on your fridge, for instance a magnetic knife holder will help your knives at the right place, make your kitchen less hazardous and free up drawer space.
There you have it, just a few things to make your space more organised and more importantly a joy to live in.