Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Snow expected in Scotland as Met Office issues warning.Drive Hot News


Yellow '' be aware'' warnings, have been issued by the Met Office for frequent snow showers across Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England.
The warnings are in place across the whole of Scotland from 08:00 on Wednesday to 23:55 on Thursday.
About 5-10cm (1-3in) is expected at lower levels with 10cm (5in) over higher ground.
BBC Weather's Chris Blanchett said: "By Wednesday morning, there will be snow across the northwest Highlands."
He added: "During the day that snow level will come down, and we'll see snow showers across central and southern Scotland as well.
"The heaviest showers are likely to be Wednesday evening and overnight, and that of course will have implications for Thursday morning's rush hour.
"Of course, because they are showers they are hit and miss, so not everyone will see them."
Jet stream
Weather presenter Kawser Quamer said the expected wintry weather was linked to the snowstorm which has hit New York and the surrounding states in America.
She said: "Juno, is being labelled as one of the worst winter storms the east coast of the states has ever seen, with severe disruption from New Jersey right up to Maine.
"The driver responsible for this storm is the jet stream. The contrast of very mild air meeting very cold air drives a strong jet stream and created this snow storm in the states to rapidly deepen and intensify.
"But we're on the other side of the same jet stream.
"That means our air is coming from Greenland and Iceland - cold arctic air, but without that ferocious snow storm. What it does give us however is frequent snow showers, together with very strong winds - it will feel bitterly cold."

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