Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Lady Jay Dee denies pregnancy claims.Drive Hot News

 Lady Jay Dee's photo that sparked off pregnancy rumours.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lady Jay Dee denies pregnancy claims

Lady Jay Dee's photo that sparked off pregnancy rumours. PHOTO| COURTESY 
Lady Jay Dee has taken to Facebook to slam rumours that she is expecting a baby.
The gossip had been sparked off by a photograph she posted on Instagram showing a small bump on her tummy. She explained that her stomach looked that way because she had eaten a hearty meal.
She later pulled the picture from Instagram and took to Facebook to categorically tell her fans to get a life.
“I had to take down that post so I could explain afresh. Don’t you people understand Kiswahili? I said my stomach was bulging because it was full, not (because) of anything else but food that I had earlier eaten. Where are all these rumours coming from? Or would you like me to write in Chinese? Were you told I would give birth to a president that would save you from all your problems?”
(“Imebidi nifute post Ili nielezee upya. Hivi watu hamuelewi kiswahili au ni nini??? Nimesema tumbo limevimba sababu ya sahani,nikimaanisha mlo na nili post nakula hapo awali Sasa hayo maneno mengine yanatokea wapi? Au niwe naandika kichina? Kwani mliambiwa nitazaa Rais atakayewatoa katika shida zote mpaka mnishikilie mimba mimba..Hebu niacheni basi khaaa Nisiishi Kisa mimba? Aisee mnaboa sana. Basi niueni Kisa sijazaa Ili niwaondolee kero”.)

The rebuttal comes a few weeks after she was forced to deny that she is unable to bear children because she sold her womb to dark forces in exchange for success and fame in her musical caree
r, which spans over a decade.