Friday, 29 May 2015

Gossip.Zuena Quits NTV Drive Hot News

Zuena Kirema Bebe Cool's wife.
 Zuena Kirema Bebe Cool’s wife.

However, after issuing the statement, there has erupted rumors that she could have been advised by Bebe Cool to quit since he is an activist for nude picture victims.
Since NTV fired one of Bebe cool’s ‘clients’ (Fabiola), it could have left him furious, thus advising his wife to quit the station.
However, the real reason as to why she quit remains unknown though she claims to have family issues to handle.
Zuena joined the station in 2013 after the former Life stories show host-Justine Nameere quit the station over harassment from the then senior managers Her exit comes just days after Anita Fabiola was unceremoniously booted out of the same station over her leaked nude photos.Source Red paper