Thursday, 16 July 2015

Big Results Now rings in spectacular exam results.Drive Hot News

 Necta Executive Secretary Charles Msonde says results are another indication that the education sector is set to record impressive achievements under the Big Results Now (BRN) initiative

Zanzibar. Some 98.87 per cent of Form Six finalists who sat their national examinations earlier in the year have passed, the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (Necta) announced here yesterday.
Necta Executive Secretary Charles Msonde told reporters that 38,853 of 40,753 students who sat the exams did well.
He saw this as another indication that the education sector is set to record impressive achievements under the Big Results Now (BRN) initiative. The results released in Zanzibar indicate a slight improvement over the previous year’s performance, with 98.26 per cent of students passing.
Public schools
Public schools put up an impressive performance, contrary to expectations that private schools would do better. There are 13 public schools on the list of top 20 schools. Of those who sailed through, 11,734 were girls and 27,119 were boys.
The pass rate has risen each year due to the government’s efforts to improve the quality of education. Public and private schools have shared five slots each on the list of top performers.
Thirty-five students failed to sit their exams, some of them because they were unwell, and Necta has given an assurance that the students will resit their examinations in May next year. “Five of those who did the exams had their results cancelled after it was established that they had cheated,” said Dr Msonde.
The students who made it to the Top 10 list include Ramadhani Gembe (Feza Boys), Lesuian Lengare (Ilboru), Hunayza Mohamed (Feza Girls), Rosemary Chengula (St Marys, Mazinde Juu) and Kelvin Rutahoile (St Joseph’s Cathedral).
Others are Joseph Pasian (Ilboru), Andarton Masanja (St Joseph’s Cathedral), Yonazi Senkondo (Feza Boys), Lupyana Kinyamagogoha (Mzumbe) and Meghna Solanki (Shaaban Robert).
The students on the top list have showed high capacity in science subjects, which means they now join the group of students with special talent.
Schools with high scoring students include St Mary’s Mazinde Juu (120), Ivumwe Secondary (68), Feza Girls (67) and Kisimiri (59). Others are Scolastica (40), Namabengo (38), Vwawa (31), Feza Boys (54) and Runzewe (38).
The national best science students in the Top Ten list are Ramadhani Gembe (Feza Boys), Lesian Lengare (Ilboru), Hunayza Mohamed (Feza Girls), Rosemary Chengula (St Mary Mazinde Juu), Kevin Fidelis Rutahoile (St Joseph Cathedral), Anderton Masanja (St Joseph Cathedral), Joseph Pasia (Ilboru), Lupyana Kinyamagoha (Mzumbe), Yonazi Senkondo (Feza Boys) and Meghna Solanki of Shaaban Robert Secondary School.